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Upon the activation of your hosting account you will receive a Welcome message containing all getting started information including your login credentials. If you have not received this message within 24 hours of placing your order, please get back to us.
Standard Hosting Package: $4.60/Month
Data Transfer:20 GB/Month
Disk Space:1000 MB
MySQL Databases:10
Extended Hosting Package: $7.90/Month
Data Transfer:40 GB/Month
Disk Space:2000 MB
MySQL Databases:20
With the Standard package of IGPHosting you have guaranteed 1000 MB of disk space allocated to your web site contents. If your site requires more than 1000 MB of disk allocation you can consider our Extended package with which you are guaranteed 2000 MB of storage for your files.

Our Standard plan includes 20 GB (gigabytes) of monthly traffic. Each gigabyte of traffic generated in excess of the allotted 20 GB per month costs $6. The Extended package includes 40 GB of traffic allotment and the fee for an additional GB of traffic is $4.

Subdomains offer flexibility and at the same time enable you to achieve easily managed differentiation of your web site contents. Each department of your business can be given a separate subdomain.
Example: The Human Resource Department can store and manage their data at hr.your_domain.com, while your Sales Department can keep different data at sales.your_domain.com. Both URLs can display different contents thus you can achieve differentiation levels matching your needs.

With the Standard package of IGPHosting you are entitled to 15 free subdomains and with the Extended package their number is 30. Should you need more subdomains you can always purchase them for $6 and $4 respectively for the Standard and Extended package.

Nowadays almost every online application such as a forum, blog, ecommerce portal, or even a guestbook requires a database. With the Standard package of IGPHosting you get ten MySQL databases, which you can easily manage via the phpMyAdmin tool embedded within the online Control Panel interface. The Extended package comes with 20 MySQL databases included for free. Each additional database can be ordered for $6 for the Standard package and $4 for the Extended accounts.

The fee to purchase an additional database is required only once and the new feature does not have to be renewed. You will have your additional database for as long as you keep your hosting account active.

Each parked domain is a full alias of the main domain name for your hosting account. The parked domain name will show the same web site as the main one when accessed; furthermore it can receive email messages. Every message sent to an account at your parked domain name will actually arrive at the mailbox for your main domain. You can use domain name parking to reserve additional domain names for your business. If you want your_domain.com, your_domain.org, your_domain.net, and your_domain.biz to open the same web site, you can achieve it by domain parking.
With the Standard hosting package you get three free domain name parking slots, while the Extended accounts come with nine parking slots.

FTP sub-accounts allow you to grant limited access to different users without providing them with the login credentials for your entire hosting account. There are 15 FTP sub-accounts included at the Standard package, while the Extended package comes with 30 ftp sub-accounts.

Each hosting account comes with a functional and easy-to-use Webmail interface accessible from any computer connected to the Internet. The Webmail solution incorporates an Address Book, basic filtering tools, and support for multi-language email messages in addition to the features characteristic for any mail client running on your local machine.

You can use any FTP Client to update your hosting account contents whenever you wish. The implemented support for SSL over FTP (FTPS) increases the security of your passwords when connecting to the FTP server.

With IGPHosting you receive complete POP, IMAP, and SMTP services for all your mail accounts.

All hosting machines run on heavily customized Red Hat Linux systems, which deliver unsurpassed performance and ensure server stability.

The online Control Panel interface is functional and easy to use. It also includes a File Manager with a handy text file editor.

Our hosting environment fully supports PHP 4, PHP 5, Perl, Python, Ruby, and TLC scripting. The latest and most stable distributions of the above scripting languages are carefully chosen by our System Administrators.

You can filter email messages based on the content of their headers using our Custom Mail Filters editable via the online Mail Manager interface. SpamAssassin is the second line of defense which you can use. SpamAssassin determines the probability of a message being spam based on an advanced genetic algorithm. The spam scores are assigned using a neural network trained with error back propagation and false blocks are efficiently minimized. Aside from the custom filters we utilize a constantly monitored list of hosts and networks reported as spammers which we pro-actively block until the latter take corrective measures to limit spam originating from their networks.

You can enable anti-virus scanning of all incoming messages to each of your mail accounts. The virus definitions are automatically updated and this makes your mail accounts protected from even the newest viruses on the internet.

Each hosting account comes with an unlimited number of e-mail accounts.

24/7 TECHNICAL SUPPORT You will receive feedback on each of your technical support inquiries posted at our support system within 60 minutes.

FrontPage requires the installation of server side extensions in order to function properly. Each of our hosting accounts can be automatically supplemented with FrontPage extensions via the online Control Panel interface whenever you decide.

You can easily password protect each of the directories within your hosting account. You can easily limit access to a given directory by applying a number of username/password combinations via the online Control Panel interface.

Each hosting account has SSL (Secure Socket Layer) support by default. The shared certificate can be changed with a personal one (dedicated to your domain name) purchased from a certificate authority for an annual fee of $35.

You can choose between a basic statistics generation engine such as the Webalizer and a more advanced solution such as the AWStats.
Domain Pricing /Year
com $5.00
net $5.00
org $5.00
info $5.00
biz $5.00
us $5.00
Domain registration is only available along with hosting. The discount prices apply for domain name renewals as well.

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