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Mega i-Advantage is the largest internet service center building (350,000 sq. ft.) in the world designed to host over 10,000 racks. It features dual TBE rooms and dual risers; dedicated 100mm dia G.I. Conduit for vertical backbone; G.I. Conduit for interfloor cabling use; optical fibre to the building. Total floor area of the 24 storey building is 350,000 sq.ft. gross; typical floor is 14,000 sq.ft. at 4.1m height; floor loading: 5 kPa / 7.5kPa. Click to see pictures of datacenter buildings, floor plan.

The uninterruptable power system features dual feed 11kV power supply from separate HKE zone substations as well as dual feed telecom connection from separate telephone exchanges. Main electricity supply is provided by 2000 KVA transformers; 400KVA UPS modules with n+l configuration per floor, 30 mins battery back up time, dual power supply risers; 2000KVA generator sets ( 24-hour continuous full supply ); earthing: separate data centre clean earth. Click to see pictures of low voltage switch board, dedicated diesel generator.

Industrial-grade air conditioners insure 20 +/- 2 degree celsius indoor temperature, and 50% +/- 10 % relative humidity. The type of the CRAC unit is direct expansion or chilled water. Click to see picture of computer room air conditioning.

More pictures of datacenter facilities: servers in rack, operator center, rack in private cage.

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com $5.00
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us $5.00
Domain registration is only available along with hosting. The discount prices apply for domain name renewals as well.

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